Double Down on Your Criminal Defense

Double Down on Your Criminal Defense

Expand your criminal investigation capabilities with a Myrtle Beach ,SC and surrounding areas private investigator

Are you an attorney who needs assistance with a criminal defense case? You've come to the right place. Schedule a free consultation with Premier Investigations and Process Service, LLC. Our private investigator can take care of some of your investigative footwork, allowing you to focus on other parts of the case. He can:

  • Speak with the victim
  • Visit the crime scene
  • Takes photographs of the crime scene
  • Complete a full report
Contact us today to schedule a no-cost consultation.

Myrtle Beach, SC and surrounding Areas: Need help with a missing person investigation?

Missing person cases necessitate a huge amount of field work. Fortunately, Premier Investigations and Process Service is up to the task! Our private investigator can track down leads and visit locations on your behalf. Why wear yourself out trying to do everything? Call 843-902-9163 to schedule a no-cost consultation with our investigator.

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