Don’t Let Them Cheat You in Court, Too!

Myrtle Beach or Conway, SC: Launch an infidelity investigation

Are you involved in a contentious divorce? Do you suspect your spouse may be cheating on you?

Premier Investigations and Process Service, LLC can provide you with the evidence you need to obtain a favorable ruling in your divorce case. Unfortunately, judges will often dismiss evidence supplied by a spouse. For your accusation of infidelity to stand up in court, you’ll need to work with our trained specialist.

Our Myrtle Beach and Conway, SC investigator can prove it’s true

Don’t let suspicion of betrayal eat away at your peace of mind! Put yourself in a stronger legal position by submitting hard evidence to the divorce judge. Our trained private investigator will track your ex’s movements to gather:

  • Photographs
  • Video recordings
  • Records from social networks

Don’t get taken advantage of in court. Call Premier Investigations and Process Service at 843-902-9163 to schedule your free consultation.