Is Your Child in Good Hands?

Get child custody surveillance from our Myrtle Beach and Conway, SC investigator

Does your child sometimes stay with an ex-spouse or ex-partner? Are you worried about the way your son or daughter is treated when you’re not around?

Don’t let nagging anxiety about your child’s care eat away at your peace of mind. Hire Premier Investigations and Process Service, LLC to conduct your child custody surveillance.

Succeed in your child custody case in Conway and Myrtle Beach, SC

Don’t let your ex-spouse (or your ex-spouse’s significant other) provide your child with subpar care. The private investigator at Premier Investigations and Process Service can:

  • Obtain legally permissible evidence of neglectful behavior
  • Complete a comprehensive surveillance report
  • Present the report in court

You love your children and would do anything to protect them. At Premier Investigations and Process Service, we want to help you do just that. Call 843-902-9163 to schedule your free consultation with our investigator.